Senate Officers

Chair : Roni Ben-Nun

Vice Chair : Gabriel Morillo

Secretary : Diane Price

Parliamentarian: Larry Brenner


The senate meets on Thursday, once-a-month, during the Fall and Spring semesters,

Location: Zoom
Time: 12 – 2:00 pm

  • Spring 2021 Meeting Dates:
    2/25, 3/25,  4/29, 5/13,
    5/20 (tentative)



For minutes of previous meetings visit:

Special Announcement

The CUNY Board of Trustees approved our new Governance Plan on March 22, 2021

You can download a copy of the new GP here: BCC GP 03-22-2021

All Senate and Senate Committee meetings will be held remotely until further notice.
Please check the BCC calendar for up-to-date meeting information.

BCC College Senate Virtual Meeting Information
May 13, 2021 12:00 – 1:50 PM

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Senate Meeting Materials (Materials are added constantly, so please check again closer to meeting time):

BCC Governance – College Senate

The BCC Senate is responsible for the establishment of academic policy and for legislative and advisory functions related to the programs, operations and goals of the College. It is comprised of faculty, student government and administration representatives.

Our meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend.  Agendas are available on this page in advance of all meetings.

Functions of the Senate (from the BCC Governance Plan):

  1. The Senate shall have legislative power with regard to:
      • Academic affairs, including curricula, degree requirements, admissions and grading structure.
      • The protection of the academic freedom of students and Instructional Staff.
      • The adoption of Rules of Procedure for itself, its committees and its sub committees.
  1. The Senate shall have the following advisory responsibilities:
      • Participate in the search for and appointment of the President of the College, as requested by the Board of Trustees.
      • Advise on the appointment of all individuals holding Vice President and Dean titles. These recommendations are to be submitted to the President of the College for his/her consideration. 
      • Advise on long range planning to achieve the goals of the College. 
      • Advise on campus life and activities, including ancillary services within the College (including, but not limited to, Auxiliary Enterprises, BCC, Inc. and the Student Election Review Committee), student organizations and community relations.
      • Advise the College’s administrative officers on the formulation and allocation of the College budget, of policies relating to grants, of allocation of space and facilities, and in the making of decisions pertaining to the allocation of resources for educational programs, and for research and scholarly activities.
  1. In carrying out its responsibilities, the Senate shall be fully advised of, shall routinely receive, and shall be free to seek information from the College’s administrative officers on all matters germane to the programs and operations of the College and its facilities.
  1. The College administration shall provide to the Senate in a timely fashion all pertinent information, including information on college resources and policies.
  1. Upon the invitation of the Senate Chairperson, the President shall meet with it to discuss his/her response to its recommendations.

Total voting membership = 59
Quorum = 30

Ex-officio Senators (4)

  • Thomas Isekenegbe – President
  • Lester Sandres Rápalo – Provost & VP of Academic Affairs
  • Irene Delgado – Vice President of Student Success
  • Kay Ellis – Vice President of Finance

At-Large Senators (18)

  1. Laura Barberan – English
  2. Laurence Brenner – Communication Arts & Sciences
  3. Howard Clampman – Business Information Systems
  4. Yasmin Edwards – Biological Sciences
  5. Monique Guishard – Social Sciences
  6. Farnaz Kaighobadi – Social Science
  7. Joe (Kyeng) Lee – Biological Sciences
  8. Charles Maliti – Biological Sciences
  9. Franklin Moore – Business Information Systems
  10. Sharmila Mukherjee – English
  11. Maria Psarelli – Mathematics & Computer Science
  12. Nelson Reynoso – Social Sciences
  13. Jesus Sanabria – Library
  14. John Socas – Communication Arts & Sciences
  15. Kim Swan – English
  16. Anne Vuagniaux – Art & Music
  17. James Webb – Communication Arts & Sciences
  18. John Ziegler – English

At-Large Alternate Senators (5)

  1. Sharon Utakis – English
  2. Rebeca Araya – Biological Sciences
  3. Emakoji Ayikoye – Business Information Systems

Department Senators (15)

  1. Roni Ben-Nun – Art & Music
  2. Mervan Agovic – Biological Sciences
  3. Nikole Knight – Business Information Systems
  4. Julio Garay – Chemistry, Earth Sciences, & Environmental Sciences
  5. Debra Gonsher – Communication Arts & Sciences
  6. Barbara Caballero Flores – Education & Academic Literacy
  7. Joseph Malinsky – Engineering, Physics & Technology
  8. Jonathan Scott – English
  9. Stacia Reader – Health, Physical Education & Recreation
  10. Seth Offenbach – History
  11. Michael Miller – Library
  12. Joel Nagloo – Mathematics & Computer Science
  13. Shanell Rawls – Nursing & Allied Health Sciences
  14. Hisseine Faradj – Social Science
  15. Kevin Viner – World Languages and Cultures

Department Alternate Senators (15)

  1. Andrea Ortuno – Art & Music
  2. Diane Price – Biological Sciences
  3. Tanweer Haroon – Business Information Systems
  4. Adam Shale – Chemistry, Earth Sciences, & Environmental Sciences
  5. Kevin Bozelka – Communication Arts & Sciences
  6. Steve Powers – Education & Academic Literacy
  7. Eugene Mananga – Engineering, Physics & Technology
  8. John Athanasourelis – English
  9. Kelvin Cooper – Health, Physical Education & Recreation
  10. Stephen Duncan – History
  11. Cynthia Tobar – Library
  12. Kerry Ojakian – Mathematics & Computer Science
  13. Manish Sharma – Nursing & Allied Health Sciences
  14. Devin Molina – Social Sciences
  15. Wedsly Guerrier – World Languages and Cultures

Adjunct Senators (2)

  1. Mira Johnson – English

Adjunct Alternate Senator (1)


CLT Senator (1)

  1. Lourdes Rosario – Biological Sciences

CLT Alternate Senator (1)

  1. Martha Sanchez – Library

HEO Senators (3)

  1. Andre Christe
  2. Albert Robinson
  3. Delwar Sayeed

HEO Alternate Senator (1)


Registrar Senator (1)

  1. Karen Thomas

Student Government Senators (15)

  1. Gabriel Morillo (SGA President)
  2. Christopher Soto-Soto (IOC Vice President)
  3. Mikayla Sumter-Malone (SGA Treasurer)
  4. Jaszmin Ramirez (SGA Legal Legislator)
  5. Sameera Audi (SGA Secretary)
  6. Ama Afful
  7. Ekinadose-Elizabeth Asemota
  8. Lennin Charalla-Quintanilla
  9. Elias Dominguez
  10. Gideon Debrah
  11. Kenneth Flowers
  12. Priscille Kouadio
  13. Claude McCammon
  14. Zouberou Sayibou
  15. Annecia Williams

CUNY University Faculty Senate (UFS)

BCC maintains a delegation of representatives on CUNY’s university-wide senate.
Current BCC senators are:

  1. Farnaz Kaighobadi (Liaison to BCC Senate), term ends 2024
  2. Emakoji Ayikoye, term ends 2024
  3. Peter Kolozi, term ends 2023
  4. Eric Carlson, term ends 2023
  6. David Puglia (Alternate), term ends 2022

To visit the UFS website follow this link: CUNY University Faculty Senate

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