Chair : Grisel Acosta, English

Vice Chair : Nelson Reynoso, Social Sciences

Secretary : Jorge Pineiro, Mathematics


Location: Language Hall, Room 17

Thursdays, 2 – 4 pm

Fall 2024: 9/5, 10/10, 11/7, 12/5

Spring 2025: 2/6, 3/13, 4/3, 5/1

Agenda & Minutes

For minutes of previous meetings visit:

Committee on Diversity & Inclusion

Functions of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion:

  1. Present a yearly report of successes in diverse representation across the college campus, specifically within the administration, faculty, and staff, and report areas where diverse representation is lacking, to the Senate.
  2. Create opportunities for further diverse representation through a variety of activities on campus, including but not limited to creating diversity training activities, and creating/promoting events with diversity and diverse representation as part of their central theme, all with the purpose of increasing awareness of issues in diverse representation in governance, faculty, and staff hiring.
  3. Review/revise Human Resources Exit Survey, as needed, in terms of diversity/representation.
  4. Utilize future COACHE Surveys and BCC Faculty and Staff surveys to inform activity planning in areas of diversity and inclusion.
  5. Create and maintain a diversity training online interface.
  6. Highlight the work of diverse faculty and staff on an ongoing basis, in order to promote diverse representation and provide students with diverse role models.
  7. Work with the Office of Affirmative Action, and other interested parties, in order to promote activities outlined above.

Membership of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion:

  1. One faculty member elected by and from each academic department.
  2. Two students: one elected by and from the Student Government Association; one elected by the Student Government Association from the student body.
  3. The Chief Diversity Officer, or a representative from that office.
  4. The Vice President of Academic Affairs, or a representative from that office.
  • Monique Renee Briggs (Art & Music)
    Alt. Frank Blanchard
  • Nichole McDaniel (Biological Sciences)
    Alt. Charles Maliti
  • Nikole Knight (Business Information Systems)
    Alt. Sophie Francis
  • Dickens St. Hilaire (Chemistry, Earth Science & Environmental Science)
    Alt. John Molina
  • Moronke Oshin-Martin (Communication Arts & Science)
    Alt. Carlos Cruz
  • Ted Ingram (Education & Academic Literacy)
    Alt. Minkyung Choi
  • Grace Tursi (Engineering, Physics & Technology)
    Alt. Vincenzo Rigaglia
  • Grisel Acosta (English)
    Alt. Sharmila Mukherjee
  • Kelvin Cooper (Health, Physical Education & Recreation)
    Alt. Luis Cortorreal
  • Sibongile Mhlaba (History)
    Alt. Mara Lazda
  • Emma Antobam-Ntekudzi (Library)
    Alt. Michael Miller
  • Jorge Pineiro (Mathematics & Computer Science)
    Alt. Suzanne Zybert
  • Shanell Rawls (Nursing & Allied Health Sciences)
  • Monique Guishard (Social Sciences)
    Alt. Nelson Reynoso
  • Carlos Rivera (World Languages and Cultures)
    Alt. Z Ingram
  • Jessenia Paoli (Chief Diversity Officer)
  • Melanie Robles (Academic Affairs)
  • Raquel Gonzalez (SGA)
  • Obrina Wickham (Student)

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