Guiding Principles

From the start of this project, we set our goals high. We wanted to create a contemporary, user-centric, dynamic and inclusive site that is simple and provides information in a clear and succinct way.


  • Prospective Students First– The website is one of our most visible and valuable marketing tools, and as such, prospective students and their parents are our primary focus for top-level pages. Our audiences also include current students, alumni, donors, corporate partners, staff and faculty and the Bronx community and we aim to meet the needs of all visitors. Everything from design, content, navigation, and functionality is created with their needs in mind.
  • Building a Community of Excellence – Showcasing BCC’s many strengths, including our academic programs and services.
  • Consistency of Brand and Messaging – Through the implementation of a Content Management System and page templates the site highlights the College’s unique identity and reinforces a consistent image and brand to all visitors.
  • Accessibility –Provide visitors with an engaging and positive user experience ensuring compliance with the most current accessibility standards.

We were most interested in prospective student behavior and finding out:

  • what our prospective users need
  • is it easy for them to find it
  • how often do they use mobile devices, phones and tablets to view our site

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