Transfer Credit Evaluation Guidelines

  • Bronx Community College (BCC) will accept a maximum of 30 transfer credits from an appropriately accredited institution.
  • Only college level courses, from an accredited institutionwill be evaluated for transfer credits. Remedial, Developmental, Freshman Studies, English as a Second Language (ESL), and College Prep courses are not transferable.
  • Students should not repeat transfer courses unless advised by their Academic Departments in accord with published policies.
  • Grades of transferred courses will not be included in the BCC GPA.
  • Students transferring credits from CUNY colleges can receive transfer credit for courses completed with any passing grade.
  • Students transferring credits from colleges outside of CUNY must have earned a grade of “C” or above in order for courses to be accepted at BCC.
  • Students who have completed an Advanced Placement (AP) exam with a score of 3 or higher are eligible for credit per these equivalencies.
  • For the full BCC transfer credit policy, please see section 10 of the codification of BCC Academic Rules and Regulations.


  • Exceptions and clarifications to these rules may apply to programs such as Nursing and Radiologic Technology. Students should consult with each academic program for additional information, as well as with the detailed policies found in the Academic Rules and Regulations.
  • The total number of credits allowed toward the associate degree by BCC may not exceed 30, regardless of whether the courses were taken at other institutions before admission, during attendance at, or after leaving BCC (15 terminal credit limitation applies).

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Esteban Rodriguez
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Office of the Registrar
Transfer Evaluation
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International Transfer Students

International students have to submit proof of graduation from an accredited secondary school or a foreign equivalent, a complete and accurate chronological outline of their previous school or university transcripts together with a certified English translation.

Readmit Transfer Students

Student who apply for readmission and wish to have courses evaluated that were taken at another accredited institution during their absence from Bronx Community College, must submit an official transcript to Transfer Evaluation office for review.

Changing your Program of Study

A student transfer credit evaluation is made based on the specific program of study (major) at the time of acceptance to the college. If a student change his/her plan of study, their transfer credit evaluation may need to be reviewed and adjusted.

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