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If you want to have exams proctored by DSO, you must make a formal request through Starfish.  Follow the steps below.  Save instructions for future use: Instructions on Starfish and requesting Testing Accommodations in PDF:

  1. Login to Starfish.
  2. Click on the “Raise Your Hand” tab on the left side of the screen.
  3. Choose “Request Exam Accommodations”.
  4. Complete the form provided in the text box, which will request information about the date and time of the exam and the accommodations you are requesting.
  5. Hit Send. A confirmation email will be sent to you, DSO, and your professor.
  6. You have made your formal request! Continue to be on the lookout for any further follow-up emails from DSO or your professor.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I submit the Starfish request for testing accommodations?

As soon as possible. We advise submitting Starfish request 1 week prior to the date of the quiz/exam to ensure that you receive all of your accommodations and that everything is set up to run smoothly on the day of the exam.

What if quizzes/exams are administered online through Blackboard?

Professors have the ability to set up certain accommodations (e.g., extended time) through Blackboard. Speak with your professor early in the semester to make sure this is arranged. If further guidance is needed, the student or professor may contact a staff member in our office.

What if there is a listening component to the exam?

Often, professors will pre-record the listening passage and provide a copy to our office. If the professor wishes to explore an alternative method of administering the listening section, students should have the professor contact our office, preferably a week prior to the quiz/exam.

What if I do not want to take the exam with Disability Services Office?

Not a problem! Taking exams with our office is not a requirement! Please note that if you still wish to receive accommodations, you will need to negotiate this with your professor. If you would like assistance in how to approach your professor and address any concerns you may have about the plan you have agreed upon afterward, please do not hesitate to meet with one of us and we will help with brainstorming and/or planning a course of action.

What if I am not able to make it to the exam on day we scheduled?

  • Contact your professor immediately so you can re-schedule your exam date.
  • Contact us afterward so we can update our exam proctoring schedule to accommodate you.

What if I miss the exam and could not contact anyone beforehand?

Ultimately, you will follow the same process described above. The key difference, however, is that we will have to return the exam to the professor. In this case, you will need to complete a new Exam Request Form.

What if I have more questions about exam accommodations?

For questions related to scheduling, please call us at 718-289-5874. For questions related to coordinating accommodations, please contact Poonam Sharma-Velazquez at 718-289-5361 or email

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