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Step 1:         Read this entire page and contact your advisor. Ask them if you need to submit an appeal!

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Step 3:         Upload supporting documents through CUNYfirst Self-Service under “Document Upload (Appeals).”

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Important notes to keep in mind:

  • After you submit your application and supporting documents, you do not need to submit another application to submit more supporting documents.  Head directly to CUNYfirst to upload your documents under “Document Upload (Appeal)”.  Here are further instructions on how to upload the documents.
  • The Academic Appeal and Financial Aid (SAP) Appeals are separate and require separate uploads of personal statements and official documentation.
  • A decision can take two (2) weeks to be decided. Be sure to check your BCC E-mail regularly for updates!

A student is notified of their Academic Dismissal by the Office of the Registrar via letter to the student. Upon notification of their dismissal, the student should reach out to their Academic Advisor for assistance in submitting an appeal.

The requirements of an Academic Dismissal Appeal are:

  • Academic Appeal Form
  • Typed Personal Statement 
  • Supporting Documentation

Administrative Grade Appeal

A student can appeal “WU” or inappropriate “F” grades that they receive.  The student can ask about their ability to appeal an administrative grade from their Academic Advisor or Faculty member.

When the student submits an Administrative Grade appeal, the student is required to submit:

  • Academic Appeal form
  • Typed Personal Statement
  • Supporting Documentation

This appeal is only available to students in the first year (or two [2] semesters) who get failing grades (“F,” “WU,” “FIN.”)

Appeals of failing grades are only available for up to 12 credits and may be changes to no-credit (NC) grades.

When a student submits a First-Year Freshman Forgiveness Program (FYFFP) Appeal, the student is required to submit:

  • Academic Appeal Form
  • Typed Personal Statement
  • Academic Plan

The Statute of Limitations appeal is available to students after seven (7) years of a grade being on their transcript. If granted, this appeal allows for the grade to be removed and for the student to re-take the course. 

The Requirements of a Statute of Limitations appeal are: 

  • Academic Appeal Form
  • Transcript

If you have any questions, please e-mail the Academic Appeals Agent at AppealsAgent@bcc.cuny.edu

Financial Aid (SAP) Appeal

SAP is short for “Satisfactory Academic Progress.” All students must maintain “Satisfactory Academic Progress” in order to maintain eligibility for Federal Financial Aid.

The SAP Appeal Process is now under a new platform in CUNY Student Forms.

When you receive financial aid, federal guidelines require that you make real and measurable progress toward your degree in order to continue to receive aid. This requirement is called Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

CUNY evaluates a student’s academic progress annually. When evaluating SAP, all semesters of enrollment for the program of study will be evaluated regardless of whether the student received financial aid during those semesters or not. If a student is not meeting one of the defined measurable progress standards, their federal financial aid will be suspended. If there are extenuating circumstances, a student may appeal the financial aid suspension, and, if the appeal is granted, begin to receive federal financial aid once again.

If you have a Financial Aid Academic Progress Issue task on your CUNYfirst account, you may complete a SAP Appeal by logging into CUNY Student Forms and completing all SAP Tasks. To view instructions on how to log into CUNY Student Forms, click here.

Before you can access the SAP appeal on your checklist in CUNYfirst you must file your FAFSA application. After you have filed your FAFSA and it has been processed, you must allow 48 10 72 hours before you can log in to view checklist on CUNYfirst.

Students should aim to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress by keeping the following GPA Requirements:

Less than 12 Credits = minimum of 1.5 GPA

Less than 24 Credits = minimum of 1.75 GPA

25 Credits (or 4 semesters) = minimum of 2.0 GPA

If you require a Financial Aid (SAP) appeal, the student would have been notified by the Office of Financial Aid.

When a Financial Aid (SAP) Appeal is required, this means that the student did not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.

In order for Financial Aid to be reinstated, the student must file a Financial Aid (SAP) Appeal. The student MUST also file a FAFSA application and complete any checklist items on your record to receive financial aid if your appeal is granted. Additionally, if your Financial Aid (SAP) appeal is granted, the student must adhere to the guidelines that were placed on their Academic Plan.

Please note, filing a SAP appeal does not guarantee an automatic approval and reinstatement of financial aid.

When a student submits an SAP Appeal, the following documents are needed:

  • A completed SAP Form
  • Personal statement explaining past performance and indicating a change in the circumstances
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Realistic (C+ predictive) academic plan

If you have questions or need assistance with submitting a Financial Aid (SAP) Appeal, please contact the SAP Appeals Agent via email at SAPappealsagent@bcc.cuny.edu or the Office of Financial Aid via e-mail at financialaid@bcc.cuny.edu.

Required Appeal Document Definitions

Academic Planner: An agreed upon plan created by the students academic advisor that shows the student the classes that they must take alongside the grade that they MUST earn.

Typed Personal Statement : A statement that documents the circumstances that the student faced that affected their academic performance. Each statement must reflect a detailed account of the circumstances and the students reasons for not being academically successful during the semester in question. The statement must also reflect if the circumstances that led to their academic performance have changed and express how they will prepare for academic success in the future. If applicable, the student should also express why they did not properly withdraw from their classes.

Supporting Documentation: Official documentation that supports what is written in the student’s Personal Statement. This may include but is not limited to medical documentation, birth certificates, housing paperwork and court documents. 

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