Chair: Farnaz Kaighobadi

Vice Chair: Kenneth Flowers

Secretary: John Ziegler


Location: Virtual Meeting
Time: 2 – 3 pm

Spring 2022: 2/3, 4/7

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 623 205 6493 Passcode: 756099

If you are a member of the BCC community who has concerns about a potential infringement on your Academic Freedom during this time, please e-mail the Chair of the Committee, Dr. Farnaz Kaighobadi:

For minutes of previous meetings visit:

Committee on Academic Freedom

Functions of the Committee on Academic Freedom:
i. The Committee on Academic Freedom studies, reports and makes recommendations to the Senate concerning any condition within or without the College which, in its judgment, may affect the academic freedom of the college community. Academic freedom is the freedom from duress or sanction aimed at suppressing the intellectual independence, free investigation, and unfettered communication by the academic community – including but not limited to members of the Instructional Staff, students, and guests.


Committee Members:

  • Farnaz Kaighobadi (Social Sciences)
  • Min Liu (Social Sciences)
  • Devin Molina (Social Sciences)
  • Seth Offenbach (History)
  • John Ziegler (English)
  • Jazmin Ramirez (SGA President)
  • Kenneth Flowers (SGA)
  • freddy Sanchez (SGA)
  • Angel Anazco (SGA)
  • Charles Maliti (Faculty Council Chair)
  • Irene R. Delgado (VP of Student Success)

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