Chair: Stephen Powers

Vice Chair: n/a

Secretary: Teresa Fisher


The Committee meets at least once per month, on Wednesday

Location: Loew Hall – Room 200
Time: 2 -4:00 pm

Fall 2024: 9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/13, and 12/11

Spring 2025: 2/26, 3/12, 3/26, 4/9, 4/23, 5/14

Agenda & Minutes

For minutes of previous meetings visit:

For the agenda of the upcoming meeting, the link will be posted the day of or the day before: September 11, 2024 meeting

Committee on Academic Standing

Functions of the Committee on Academic Standing:

  1. Formulate policy regarding maintenance of matriculation, grading structure, satisfaction of requirements for degrees, diplomas and certificates, attendance, and advanced standing.
  2. Adjudicate and take final action on student appeals.
  • Anthony Gatto (Art & Music)
    Alt. Doug Blanchard
  • Rasheen Allen (Biology)
    Alt. Enyuan Shang
  • Paul Jaijairam (Business)
    Alt. James Simpson
  • Neal Phillip (Chemistry)
    Alt. TBD
  • Teresa Fisher, (Communications)
    Alt. Carlos Cruz
  • Noah Jampol (English)
    Alt. Kathrynn DiTommaso
  • Stephen Powers, (Education and Academic Literacy)
    Alt. Joseph Todaro
  • Janet Heller (Health, PE and Recreation)
    Alt. Michael Hodges
  • Vava Rozniak (History)
    Alt. William DeJong-Lambert
  • James Watson (Library)
    Alt. Emma C. Antobam-Ntekduzi
  • Suzanne Zybert (Math and Computer Science)
    Alt. Natalia Novak
  • Laurel Cummins (World Languages  & Cultures)
    Alt. Z. Ingram
  • Manish Sharma (Nursing)
    Alt. Nefertiti Cano
  • Eugene Mananga (Physics & Engineering)
    Alt. Grace Tursi
  • Kwame Nyarko (Social Sciences)
    Alt. Sa’rawla Stoute
  • Octavio Melendez (Academic Affairs)
  • (Registrar)
    Alt. Anita Rivers
  • Samantha Ventura (SGA)
  • TBD  (SGA)
  • Chimereze Ireaja (Stu)
  • Erick Vicente (Stu)
  • Hensy Fermin (Stu)

Non-voting Members:

  • Cheryl Byrd (Academic Appeals Agent)
  • Cynthia Suarez-Espinal (College Discovery)
  • Alexander Ott (Academic Affairs)

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