Chair: Farnaz Kaighobadi

Vice Chair: 

Secretary: John Ziegler


Location: Language Hall, Room 17
Time: 2 – 3 pm

Fall 2023: 10/5, 12/7
Spring 2024: TBA

Agenda & Minutes

For minutes of previous meetings visit:

Committee on Budget & Financial Planning

Functions of the Committee on Budget & Financial Planning:



If you are a member of the BCC community who has concerns about a potential infringement on your Academic Freedom during this time, please e-mail the Chair of the Committee, Dr. Farnaz Kaighobadi:

Committee Members:

  • Farnaz Kaighobadi (Social Sciences)
  • Min Liu (Social Sciences)
  • Devin Molina (Social Sciences)
  • Seth Offenbach (History)
  • John Ziegler (English)
  • Sierra Moncayo (SGA President)
  • Raquel Gonzalez (SGA)
  • Charlotte Lezama (SGA)
  • Bernice Agyeiwaa (SGA)
  • Charles Maliti (Faculty Council Chair)
  • Irene R. Delgado (VP of Student Success)

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