BCC is committed to equitable and respectful treatment of the College Community, and encourages a safe and supportive learning environment. The college recognizes that disputes may sometimes arise. In response, several offices and departments have a process in place to accept complaints.

Serious or immediate issues should be reported to the BCC Department of Public Safety immediately; they are located in Loew Hall, 5th Floor, 718-289-5390.



Safety, Security, and Quality of Life Issues (Public Safety)

  • For serious or immediate issues, and/or concerns involving safety, security, and quality of life Issues, contact BCC Department of Public Safety (available 24 hours a day, every day) at 718-289-5911 (Emergency) or 718-289-5390 (Non-Emergency).

Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

  • To file a complaint under the CUNY Policy on Sexual Misconduct contact: Jessenia Paoli, Title IX Coordinator, located in Language Hall, 3rd floor, Room 31, 718-289-5288 or the Public Safety Director, located in Loew Hall, 5th floor, Room 505, 718-289-5923; 718-289-5390. For information on Title IX, refer to the following links:

Community Standards & Student Conduct Violations (Judicial Affairs)

Academic Integrity Violations (Academic Integrity Officer)

  • Suspected Academic Integrity violations must be reported to Michael Miller, Academic Integrity Officer, located in North Hall & Library, Room 252, 718-289-5548,
  • It is necessary to complete a “Faculty Report Form” to report any instance of academic dishonesty. For more information, please view the Academic Integrity Policy.  **Faculty Use Only.

Behavioral Intervention (BIT)

  • The Behavioral Intervention Team’s (BIT)  primary goal is early intervention before a crisis arises. If you observe any behavior of a student, faculty or staff member that warrants concern (self-injurious, unusual, and/or disruptive behavior that violates campus community safety), please email The Behavioral Intervention Team at or contact the Office of Judicial Affairs at 718-289-5100 Ext. 3146.
  • In case of an immediate emergency, at any time, contact the Department of Public Safety at once at 718-289-5911, and/or call 911. 

Student Behavioral Concerns (Early Alert System—Starfish)

  • Starfish is an online platform that brings together students, faculty and advisors with a common goal of supporting student success. Academic Advisors and faculty seeking to alert the Office of Judicial Affairs of serious behavioral concerns of students, may submit an Early Alert via Starfish. **Faculty/Advisor Use Only.

Procedures for Handling Student Complaints About Faculty Conduct (Academic Affairs)

Unresolved Complaints (Ombudsperson)

  • Student Ombudsperson
    • The Student Ombudsperson receives, investigates, and resolves student complaints that have not been resolved by the appropriate college agencies; complaints alleging unfairness, discourtesy, undue delay or other malfunctioning in the process of the college. Contact Dr. Stephen Powers, in Colston Hall, Room 431, 718-289-5469, or Email:

Contact Us

Ana S. Molenaar, M.A.
Associate Director for Judicial Affairs/Student Conduct Officer
Loew Hall, Room 416
Phone: 718-289-5630


Latisha DuBose
CUNY Office Assistant
Loew Hall, Room 418
Phone: 718-289-5100 X.3146

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