Our office promotes a safe and healthy campus environment for faculty, staff and students.

We support the college’s mission and assist in meeting compliance with applicable federal, state and city environmental and occupational health and safety mandates and regulations. We establish, develop and implement environmental and safety programs and protocols to aid in continual improvement in environmental compliance by minimizing future liabilities and providing a safe and healthy place of employment and learning for employees and students.

What we do

We provide in-house technical support and respond in a timely manner as applicable to concerns and issues relating to: hazardous waste/material and chemical management, occupational safety, emergency response (chemical, oil and hazardous waste release/spill), indoor air quality, hazard analysis, regulatory reporting requirements, etc.

We also develop and deliver various safety training programs occasionally for applicable employees to ensure that various potential hazards and risks in their workplace are communicated.

Contact Us

Femi Falade
Environmental Health and Safety Officer (EHSO)

Office: Loew Hall Room 510
Phone: 718-289-5811

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