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CUNY Portal

CUNY Portal

The CUNY Portal gives students, faculty and staff access to university resources and applications such as Blackboard, Degree Works, ePermit, CUNY Alert and more. Click here to login to the CUNY Portal


DegreeWorks is a computerized, web-based degree audit program and academic advising tool to assist students and their advisors in reviewing their progress toward graduation. The degree audit displays a student's completed and remaining degree requirements by categories. Click here DegreeWorks Instructions


Students who may not be able to take a needed course at their home (BCC) campus can find listings and descriptions of similar courses at other CUNY (host) colleges. The ePermit process is an approval from the home college for students to transfer a course back to the institution. Click here to login to ePermit 

Eligibility to File a Permit

Students must:

  • be matriculated and currently in attendance
  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.00
  • have no service indicators (holds) on their record
  • have all required immunizations completed

Permits will not be issued to the following students:

  • Non-degree students
  • A readmitted matriculated student who is not currently enrolled or who does not need the permit course for graduation.
  • An incoming newly matriculated student who requests a permit for the semester or summer session preceding his/her effective date of admission


An approval of a permit request remains in the hands of faculty advisors at a student's home college. Students must obtain approval in advance to take courses at another college in order for courses to be credited towards the degrees at BCC.


Prior to taking courses at another institution students should inquire at the host college for registration dates and procedures governing permit students. Issuance of a permit does not guarantee enrollment at the host college.


For courses taken on permit at other CUNY colleges students must pay for courses at BCC. Students will pay for an approved course when they pay for other courses at their home college.

Instructions to Complete ePermit

  1. Login to the CUNY Portal (Username and Password) If you do not have a Username and Password click "Register Now"
    Once registered, the ePermit link is displayed
  2. Select "ePermit"
  3. Login the CUNY ePermit page
    Click Yes if the "Security Information" box displays
  4. Select "Create New Permit"
  5. CUNY Permit Form will display; from the drop down menu complete the following information:
    1)  Degree Level
    2)  Semester
    3)  Host College
    4)  Certification "Yes or No" that you have read and understood the above statements
    5A)  If you participate in a special undergraduate program see drop down menu otherwise, Select "Regular Matriculant"
    5B)  If ePermit is for study abroad, Select "Study Aboard Program"
    5C)  If equivalent course is needed, Select "Degree Requirement Category"
    6)  Host college course
    7)  Home College equivalent course
    8)  Student message to Permit Reviewer
  6. Check for any approved permits, click "All Permits"
  7. Select "Approve" to view or keep track of approved permits
  8. Select "Cancelled" to view or keep track of cancelled permits
  9. Select "Rejected" to view or keep track of rejected permits
  10. Check for any pending permits, click "Pending Permits"
    This is where you view your ePermit status
    Pending 1st or 2nd
    Final Level – approval


All students will receive an email when their ePermit is "Approved" or "Rejected".
ePermit have an open and end date. The system will notify students if they can not apply for an ePermit with a warning dialog box.

Always remember to log off from the system to avoid anyone else from accessing your account.


Blackboard allows faculty to put their course materials on a web page and for students who are registered in their courses to have access to these materials. Blackboard will allow faculty to email students all at once, establish discussion threads where faculty and students can continuously post email on a particular subject, or even have real-time discussion with students.

User Guides for Students:

User Guides for Faculty:


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