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Department Schedule Link
General Advisement & ASAP Advisement and Registration – For New Students For New Students
Tuesday & Thursday
10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm
10am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm
General Advisement – For Continuing and Readmit Students For Continuing and Readmit Students
Tuesday & Thursday
10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm
10am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm
ASAP Advisement – For Continuing and Readmit Students For Continuing Students by appointment via Starfish:
Monday – Thursday
9am – 5pm
Continuing Students by virtual counter:
Tuesday & Wednesday
10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm
Akademos – BCC Virtual Bookstore Online Website:
Phone: 888 286 8249
Bursar Virtual Counter Tuesdays & Thursday
11am – 4pm
Campus Services – Bronco Card ID, Parking Permits, Virtual Bookstore (Akademos) Monday – Thursday
9am – 5pm
Phone: 718 289 5365
College Discovery Advisement Virtual Counter Monday & Thursday:
9am – 6:30pm
Tuesday & Wednesday:
9am –6pm
Continuing Students by appointment via Starfish
Financial Aid Virtual Counter Monday – Friday
11am – 4pm
Financial Aid On-Campus Counter
**by appointment only**
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
9:00am – 4:30pm
Appointment Link:
Registrar Virtual Counter Monday
10:00 am – 6:30 pm
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Registrar On-Campus Counter
**by appointment only**
Monday – Wednesday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 6:30 pm
Appointment Link:
LGBTQI+ Resource Room – Virtual Counter Monday – Thursday
Testing Office – Virtual Counter Tuesday & Thursday
10am – 3pm
Art & Music
Chairperson Prof. Roni Ben-Nun
Departmental Deputy Dr. Anne Vuagniaux
Program Director for Digital Design AAS Prof. Lisa Amowitz
COA Ms. Jasmina Betances
Biological Sciences
Chairperson Dr. Chris Robinson
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Alexander Wolf
COA Ms. Idelza Lora
Business & Information Systems
Chairperson Prof. Howard Clampman
Deputy Chairperson Prof. Paul Jaijairam
CAA Ms. Marisol Rodriguez
Chemistry, Earth Sciences & Environmental Sciences
Chairperson Dr. Neal Phillip
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Soosairaj Therese
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Kamal Ismail
CAA Ms. Elizabeth Diaz
Communication Arts & Sciences
Chairperson Dr. Sara Brady
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Laurence Brenner
COA Ms. Daphne Beans
Education & Academic Literacy
Chairperson Dr. Tonya Johnson
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Stephen Powers
CAA Ms. Renee Mastrangelo
Engineering, Physics & Technology
Chairperson Dr. Jalil Moghaddasi
Deputy Chairperson Prof. George Patchoros
Deputy Chairperson Prof. Hamad Khan
CAA Ms. Oana Teodorescu
Director of Nuclear Medicine Technology Prof. Grace Tursi
Director of Automotive Technology Prof. Clement Drummond
Director of Cyber Security and Networking Dr. Syed Rashid Zaidi
Program Coordinator for Electronic Engineering Technology Dr. Syed Rashid Zaidi
Program Coordinator for Engineering Science Dr. Ajaz Sana
Program Coordinator for Physics Dr. Joseph Malinsky
Chairperson Dr. Kathleen Urda
Deputy Chairperson Dr. David Puglia
CAA Ms. Taramattie Chiraunjilal
Health, Physical Education & Recreation
Chairperson Dr. Stacia Reader
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Ulana Lysniak
Program Coordinator for Exercise Science & Kinesiology Dr. Ulana Lysniak
Program Coordinator for Therapeutic Recreation Ms. Tiquan Gatlin
Program Coordinator for Dietetics and Nutrition Program Prof. Charmaine Along
Program Coordinator for Public Health Prof. Elyse Gruttadauria
COA Ms. Milagros Torres
Chairperson Dr. Tamar Rothenberg
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Mara Lazda
CAA Ms. Paulette Randall
Chairperson Prof. Michael Miller
Deputy Chairperson Prof. Nelson Santana
Senior CLT Ms. Erma Nieves
Mathematics & Computer Science
Chairperson Dr. Evangelia Antonakos
Kealey Diaz
CAA Ms. Samantha Gross
COA Ms. Tiffany Morrison
Nursing & Allied Health Sciences
Chairperson Prof. Annette Ortiz
Director of Nursing Prof. Shanell Rawls
Director of RAD-Tech Program Prof. Manish Sharma
Clinical Coordinator for RAD-Tech Program Prof. Vivian Rodriguez
Academic Advisor Ms. Alicia Hernandez
COA Mr. Jason Deitsch
Social Sciences
Chairperson Dr. Gilbert Marzan
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Devin Molina
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Monique Guishard
COA Ms. Christina Ramirez
COA Ms. Mateia Arrington
World Languages & Cultures
Chairperson Dr. Alexander Lamazares
Deputy Chairperson Dr. Wedsly Guerrier
CAA Mr. Miguel Rivera



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