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Is College Discovery Right for You?

The College Discovery (CD) Program provides services to select students who show potential for success, but would benefit from additional academic and financial assistance. College Discovery stimulates and supports the intellectual, personal and professional growth of these students through college orientations, tutoring, one-on-one counseling, supplemental instruction and financial support.

How to Apply

  • Apply to BCC on the CUNY website.
  • Select “YES” for SEEK/CD Program Interest on the Support Programs section.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Resident of New York City for at least one year prior to applying for admission
  • First-time applicant for admission to a CUNY community college
  • Applying as full-time matriculated student
  • High school diploma or Testing Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC)
  • High school academic average that does not exceed 80
  • Meet NYS income requirements:
    • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Submit proof of family income

Contact Us

CD Main Office
Loew Hall, Room 406

Phone: 718-289-5882
Email: collegediscovery@bcc.cuny.edu

Office Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Office of Academic Support
Loew Hall, Room 408

Phone: 718-289-5914
Email: cdtutoring@bcc.cuny.edu

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CD By the

Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Copy of tax forms
  • Verification of unemployment, if applicable
  • Proof of public assistance, if applicable
  • SS/SSI budget letter
  • Court papers for child support and/or alimony that meet the economic criteria described in the CUNY Admissions application


Counseling Benefits

Students meet with a CD counselor to discuss issues that are educational, personal, career and/or financial. They are also available to help with the following:

  • Selecting and registering for classes
  • Workshops to provide tips for a successful semester
  • Seminars, leadership training and internships
  • Transferring to CUNY SEEK, HEOP and EOP for a bachelor’s degree upon receipt of an associate degree

Schedule an appointment to meet with your CD Counselor today!

Financial Benefits
  • In addition to the grants received through Pell and TAP, CD students are eligible for the following:
  • Lending Library where students may borrow textbooks and scientific graphing calculators
  • Stipend to help pay for books
  • Up to seven semesters of TAP to earn an associate degree
Academic Support

An Academic Support Coordinator provides students with the assistance needed to succeed in their classes. This includes:

  • Free tutoring and supplemental instruction in the following:
    • English, reading and math (all levels)
    • Sciences (biology, chemistry, health, pharmacology)
    • Social Sciences (psychology, history, geography, sociology, economics, political science)
    • Humanities (art, communication, music) accounting and business
  • Individual and group sessions to help improve study skills and habits
  • The opportunity to participate in the free pre-freshmen Summer Success Program.
  • One on one Academic Coaching – help with study skills, test anxiety, time management, stress and much more!

CD Program Student Forms

  • Part-time Approval Form – Students registered for part-time status must complete this form to receive CD Benefits.
  • Reinstatement Form – Students returning after one semester of not being in college must complete this form.
  • Special Programs Transfer Form – Students transferring to a CD/SEEK/HEOP/EOP program at another institution must complete this form to continue receiving benefits.
  • Tutoring Registration Form – Students must complete this form to receive tutoring services. (Registration begins at the start of each semester).

Note: All completed forms should be returned to the CD Main Office in Loew Hall, Room 406.

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