ENGAGE. CONNECT. SUCCEED. Satisfy core requirements in an integrated learning environment.

A Learning Community (LC) consists of two or more classes that are linked through common themes, discussions, assignments and overlapping Student Learning Outcomes & General Education Proficiencies.  

As a result of the linked curriculum,  you will:

  • Engage in deeper learning by making connections between disciplines.
  • See academic skills and ideas placed in a meaningful context.
  • Experience the ways in which instructors work together as a team to create a more integrated learning experience to support your success.
  • Take all classes together with fellow students in your LC cluster.

How do I benefit from enrolling in a Learning Community?

  • Build stronger relationships with faculty and other students.
  • Reinforce skills and content in both courses.
  • Connect learning across the course and disciplinary boundaries.
  • Conveniently fulfill core requirements.

How do I enroll in a Learning Community?

  • Register for both the courses and the sections in the learning community cluster. Speak to your Academic Advisor to learn more!

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