Helping You Succeed In Your First Year

The First Year Program (FYP) provides innovative learning opportunities and coordinated support for first-year students. Our program consists of the First Year Seminar (FYS 11), learning communities, peer mentoring, first-year advising and faculty development programs.

Mission Statement

The mission of BCC First Year Programs is to facilitate the academic and social integration of first year students to Bronx Community College by promoting student empowerment, informed decision making, community building, academic and life skills development, and individual accountability for student success.

Vision Statement

Through the guiding principles of learning for application, FYP will support student success by using innovative and student-centered learning approaches to engage students in using prior experiences and knowledge to build new knowledge and skills for future success.

Department Goals/Objectives

Our programmatic goals are as follows:

  • Improve outcomes for First Time Fulltime Freshman at BCC
  • Connect first time fulltime freshman students to faculty, peer mentors, advisors and each other to create a sense of community as they transition to BCC
  • Empower students to independently utilize services and develop a deeper understanding of their responsibilities for individual success
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop and practice the following general education skills: critical thinking, research, and information literacy
  • Promote faculty use of engaged and effective pedagogies that encourages teaching innovation
  • Serve as a model for peer to peer mentoring at all levels (faculty, student, and staff)
  • Develop a culture of assessment by incorporating mechanisms whereby program activities are evaluated for program improvements at all levels

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First Year Program
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