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Our mission is to facilitate the academic and social integration of first year students to Bronx Community College by promoting student empowerment, informed decision making, community building, academic and life skills development, and individual accountability for student success.

Boosting Your Growth in 3 Ways

The First Year Program has your back and creates a supportive space for new college students. You’ll make friends, grow all-around, and you will find a network of support that will allow you to form a strong foundation for success. Let’s make your first year and beyond amazing!

First Year Seminar (FYS 11)

Get ready for FYS 11 – your intro to college learning! It’s a one-credit, two-hour class for first-semester freshmen. Taking FYS 11 helps you connect with the college community, be better prepared, and boosts your chances of graduating from BCC. Click here to learn more about the FYS course.

Student Engagement

The First Year Experience packs in workshops, cool events, and chances to boost your smarts, money skills, success mindset, and career prep. Plus, there’s a handy texting tool called CARA to keep you in the loop all semester. Just keep your CUNYfirst student center profile current to stay plugged in!

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First Year Program

Nichols Hall, Room 105
P: 718-289-5120
E: FYP@bcc.cuny.edu

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Monday & Friday:
9AM – 5PM

Tuesday – Thursday:
9AM – 6PM

Meeting ID:
Passcode: 228861

Pillars for Student Success

The Pillars for Student Success is your essential toolkit for navigating college and preparing for your future. These are the four key areas you need to concentrate on to excel in your studies and build a robust foundation for your career and life after graduation.

Academic Success
Commit to the Experience

Discovering your academic resources, developing strategies and creating habits that lead to graduation and help you achieve your academic goals.

Financial Literacy
Because Money Matters!

Learning and developing the set of skills needed and the resources available to help you make informed, effective financial decisions.

Career & Transfer Readiness
It All Begins from Day One!

Understanding the importance of being proactive in your career and transfer planning starting from your very first semester.

Mindset for Success
Your Way of Thinking Matters

Identifying your purpose, developing a growth mindset and opening yourself up to new experiences.

Teamwork for Your Success

The First Year Program (FYP) is  your go-to support network for your first year at BCC! FYP is your teammate to help you to do well, feel a part of our community, stick around, and be your best self in your first college year and beyond.


First Year Advising

In your first year, you’ll get your own academic advisor to guide you through college. They’ll be like your partner in figuring out your academic and career path. Your advisor will help you set goals, plan your classes, register for courses, and connect you with BCC’s helpful resources. It’s a team effort to make sure you’re on the right track! Click here to learn more about First Year Advising.

peer mentoring

Peer Mentoring

FYP Peer Mentors are BCC students or grads who provide invaluable insights and guidance to help students navigate college life. Their integral involvement in the student experience makes them the supportive role model every new student needs. They team up with FYS faculty, other mentors, advisors, and more to help you succeed. Plus, all peer mentors are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) to give you guidance. Interested in becoming a peer mentor, click here!

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1st Year Connection

The First Year Connection, created by students like you, is all about boosting your first year at college by bringing students together and getting involved in our community. Check us out on social media and join the action!

A Closer Look at The First Year Program

Mission Statement

The mission of BCC First Year Programs is to facilitate the academic and social integration of first year students to Bronx Community College by promoting student empowerment, informed decision making, community building, academic and life skills development, and individual accountability for student success.

Vision Statement

Through the guiding principles of learning for application, FYP will support student success by using innovative and student-centered learning approaches to engage students in using prior experiences and knowledge to build new knowledge and skills for future success.

Title V Grant

Bronx Community College (BCC) is a designated Hispanic Serving Institution and was awarded a Title V Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions Grant from the US Department of Education entitled ¡Avanzando! First-Year Success in 2020. ¡Avanzando! was designed to support the academic success of first time full-time (FTFT) students at BCC by addressing key areas affecting students’ experiences, including the quality and quantity of academic advisement using effective pedagogical practices, instruction in gateway math classes, student onboarding experiences, and high-impact work-based learning opportunities, as well as offering financial literacy training.

  1. Francisco Legasa, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
  2. Tica Frazer, Associate Director of FYP
  3. Anahi Grande, Title V Financial Literacy & Peer Mentor Coordinator
  4. Astrid Barreras, Title V Project Manager
  1. Stacey Sepulveda, Senior Academic Advisor
  2. Richard Nau, Senior Academic Advisor
  3. Mary Gannon, Senior Academic Advisor
  4. Shabbaz Wilson, Senior Academic Advisor
  5. Shirley Skelt-Lopez, Senior Academic Advisor
  1. Mira Johnson, Ed.D. Adjunct Assistant Professor English Department & First Year Program
  2. Kevin Viner, Ph.D. Associate Professor FYS Faculty Coordinator World Language & Cultures
  3. Robert Lupo, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Environmental Sciences Department
  1. Anna Rodriguez
  2. Carolina Perez
  3. Daniel Alban
  4. Nyamekye Fosu
  5. Emmanuella Okoso
  6. Josue Rosa Alvarez
  7. Kevin Germy
  8. Kiara Abreu
  9. Shay Gutierrez
  10. Venita Martino
  11. Victoria Cooper
  12. Winiffer Sanchez
  13. Yanina Prado
  1. Ayana Perkins
  2. Lesly Almanzar
  3. Nicole Diaz

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