The First Year Program (FYP) offers faculty professional development for First Year Seminar 11 (FYS) and Learning Communities (LC).

FYP Faculty Professional Development Programs

  • Faculty lead initiatives that are planned, coordinated and implemented by our Faculty Coordinators and Faculty Mentors.
  • Instructors teaching within the First Year Program are invested in student success.
  • All faculty complete a semester-long professional development program that provides resources to support an active, engaging and supportive learning environment.

FYS Faculty Development

Before teaching FYS, all new instructors must participate in extensive faculty training and development activities.  Essential components of the training include:

  • Creating a theme-based FYS course while integrating critical thinking skills and student personal development topics.
  • ePortfolio Pedagogy: Use of e-Portfolio as a tool for the cultivation of reflective practice, self-assessment and goal setting in students
  • Designing a Performance Task Assignment for critical thinking assessment on ePortfolio.
  • Integrating Peer Mentors, Academic Advisors, Librarians and other program partners in the seminar.

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Learning Communities Faculty Development

Faculty members teaching Learning Communities work with an assigned partner and faculty coordinators/mentors to develop materials for a new LC cluster. Essential components of the training include:

  • Exploring interdisciplinary learning and different approaches to integrating student learning outcomes (SLO), skills and academic content
  • Designing integrated formal and informal assignments
  • Sharing innovative and creative pedagogical approaches
  • Incorporating assessment measures and techniques
  • Collaborating closely among faculty

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