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Degree Audit Process

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A degree audit is a series of administrative procedures that determine if a student has met his/her degree requirements. Please check the Academic Calendar for the deadline to submit an application for graduation. Students who file late cannot be evaluated on time to participate in commencement exercises.

To qualify for graduation, students must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Earned 60 or more credits toward their degree (by the end of current semester).
    • At least 30 credits must be taken on campus and applicable toward their degree.
    • Certificates require 30 credits towards the program and at least 15 of those credits must be taken on campus.
  • Review your online Student Advisement DegreeWorks Audit by logging into the CUNY Portal.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 (overall and toward a degree)
  • Satisfactorily completed 2 writing intensive courses.
  • Passed the Reading, Writing and Math Placement Exam or exit from remedial courses.

Some degrees contain additional graduation requirements not listed here. For specific graduation requirements in your degree please consult with your academic advisor or review the current College Catalog.

You MUST satisfy the basic requirements above in order to be eligible to graduate. If all requirements are not met by the end of the final semester of attendance, the student must reapply for graduation in order to be considered for a subsequent semester.

Degrees are awarded three times a year:

  • January (for students finishing requirements in the Fall semester of the prior year)
  • June (for students finishing requirements in the Spring semester of the same year)
  • August (for students finishing requirements in the Summer session of the same year)

Records are sealed after graduation

No changes may be made to the academic record (transcript) after the degree has been awarded. Name changes are not allowed after a student graduated.

Transcripts reflecting the award of your degree

A statement of the degree awarded will be posted on student's official transcript before the student receives their diploma. If you want the transcript request to be held until the degree is posted, be sure to specify that on your transcript request. All obligations whether academic and/or financial must be cleared before your records will be released.

Note: Bronx Community College will confer a degree upon a student who has completed all College requirements towards graduation. However, a student must also be in good standing with the College in order to graduate and receive a degree. Accordingly, a student who has completed all academic requirements will not be eligible to graduate or receive a degree until any outstanding financial balance or disciplinary matter against him/her has been resolved and any disciplinary penalty completed.

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