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General Information [Top]

Will CUNYfirst affect me?

Yes, it will affect our students, faculty and staff.
The CUNYfirst system consists of three sections or pillars: Campus Solutions, Human Resources (HR) and Finance. In each of these pillars, new modules are being implemented:

  • Campus Solutions - Admissions, Testing, Financial Aid, Advisement, Registration, Billing and Student Records
  • Human Resources - Payroll, Pension and Benefits
  • Finance - Purchasing, Budgeting, Accounting, Data Collection and Reporting

What is the biggest difference between our old (legacy) systems and CUNYfirst?

The answer is right there: systems vs. system. Very few of our legacy systems interacted with each other and even fewer were connected CUNY-wide. CUNYfirst will integrate all our financial, HR and student processes so that data can be used instantaneously across departments and across the University.

Can I have more than one role in CUNYfirst?

Yes. With CUNYfirst, access to all functions, with one sign-on, is in one integrated system. For example, if you are a faculty chairperson, you will only need to sign-on once and you will have access to:

  • “Student” processes needed to do your job in your department
  • “Human Resources” processes since you are someone who manages people or hires new employees
  • The “Finance” processes in order to seek reimbursement for expenses purchased for departmental/office materials

Is there any personal information that cannot be changed through Self-Service?

Everyone is encouraged to check that their personal information is correct—from spelling of the name, to addresses and emergency contacts. If anything is incorrect, you must submit the Change of Personal Information form available at https://www.bcc.cuny.edu/HRAPPS/PersonalDataForm. You must submit relevant documents for requested changes and corrections, and these will be processed by the Department of Human Resources.

Will students, faculty and staff have to log onto the CUNY Portal to access CUNYfirst as they did in SIMS?

No. CUNYfirst is being hosted outside CUNY. Users will log onto CUNYfirst, via their Internet browser, directly into their processes. There is no second step.

Getting Started in CUNYfirst [Top]

What’s the URL to login to CUNYfirst?


How do I get access to CUNYfirst?

For an online demo on “Claiming your Account,” go to www.bcc.cuny.edu/cunyfirst/.
To claim your CUNYfirst account:

  • Go to https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu
  • Click “First Time Users” line at bottom of page
  • Enter your first name, last name, date of birth, and last four digits of your social security number
  • Click, “OK”
  • Select your Challenge Questions and Answers (five security questions of your choice)
  • Choose a password
  • Click “OK”

What are the password requirements for CUNYfirst?

  • At least 8 characters long
  • At least 1 uppercase letter AND at least 1 numeric OR one special character
  • Cannot use last 4 previous passwords
  • Cannot be changed for 5 days after the last password change

How do I log into CUNYfirst?

  • You must know your Username
  • You must know your Password

What do I do if I forget my password?

Which browsers are recommended for CUNYfirst access?

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox

Does CUNYfirst work on Macs?


Is CUNYfirst available from home?

Yes. https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu

Do I have to be on campus to register for a CUNYfirst account?

No. All you need is Internet access and one of the recommended browsers.

If I am a student at the Graduate Center, but teach as an adjunct at Bronx Community College, does that mean I will have two ID’s and have to remember two passwords?

No. Every person in the CUNYfirst system has one record. This allows for your information to follow you wherever you go and should speed up new employee procedures if you move to a new job at another campus.

Faculty Center [Top]

What will faculty do in CUNYfirst?

Faculty members will benefit from the resources within CUNYfirst that allow access to the same information as seen by students.  Different departments may have access to the same student at the same time, thereby eliminating wait time or the need to send students to different offices.
Faculty will be able to:

  • View rosters and class schedules
  • Perform a class search
  • Assign grades

How do I view my Teaching Schedule in CUNYfirst?

The Teaching Schedule automatically displays the latest term for which a faculty member has been assigned as a class instructor. This summary of class information includes: class (catalog and section number), course title, number of students currently enrolled, meeting days and times, room assignments, and start and end dates. Once available, to the left of each class title the class roster icon and the grade roster icon display.

How do I view my Textbook Summary?

Instructors may view their Textbook Summary in a grid format in the Faculty Center.

How do I view my Exam Schedule?

Instructors may view their Exam Schedule in a grid format in the Faculty Center.

How do I View/Download/Print a Class Roster?

Instructors view students enrolled in a class, or dropped from a class, or are on the wait list for a class using the Class Roster component of Faculty Center. In addition to presenting a complete list of students by enrollment status, class rosters also display detailed class information such as course title and number, class section and class number, as well as class details.

How do I Send Email Notifications to Students?

Faculty members are able to send email notifications to the students from the Class Roster page of the Faculty Center. Faculty may simultaneously send the same notice to all students for the class, a selected group of students or a single student.

How do I submit Verification of Attendance Rosters?

For classes with both a graded component and enrolled students, instructors confirm that an enrolled student has not attended at a timeframe based on the institution.

How do I submit Grades?

Instructors use the Faculty Center to enter, approve, and submit grades for their course(s). Grade Rosters are generated by the designated campus unit (typically The Office of the Registrar) and made available to faculty members in their Faculty Center.

Can I View Grades Using the Grade Roster?

Yes, Instructors are able to use the grade roster to view grades.

How do I view a student’s Unofficial Transcript?

Faculty members can go to Student Services Center tab and click on Academic Section and in the Other Academics dropdown menu, select Transcript: View Unofficial. Enter student information, institution and report type (Student Unofficial Transcript) click view report button and the request will be processed.

How do I find a complete Faculty Center Quick Reference Guide (All Topics)

Click here to visit the Faculty Center Guide.

Campus Community Student Services Center [Top]

How do I view information on a student’s Academic Record: Plan, Subplan, Course History and Grade?

Faculty members can go to Student Services Center and click on the dropdown menu for Other Academics to view this information about a student.

How do I release a service indicator for a student to register?

Faculty members can go to Student Services Center tab and click on the Service Indicator icon. This results in a Service Indicator Summary page. Click on the service indicator code and then the release button.

How do I Enroll a student in a course?

Faculty members can go to Student Services Center tab and click on Academic Tab. Under the class section, click on Quick Enrollment. Under Class Enrollment tab, click on the Action dropdown box to enroll; enter class number and press submit.

How do I Drop a student from a course?

Faculty members can go to Student Services Center tab and click on the Action dropdown box to drop; click on the Look Up icon to go to the Enrollment Listing page. Once you uncheck the course section you want to drop, click return. The class number will be displayed; click on Submit to process.

How do I view General information (Personal Data, Name, Address, Service Indicator [holds]) about a student?

Faculty members can go to Student Services Center tab and click on General Info tab to view student’s personal information.

Where do I locate a student’s test results?

Faculty members can go to Student Services Center tab and click on Admissions Tab to view test information on a student (for example, ACT Math, Reading Writing).

Where do I locate the Schedule of Classes?

Faculty members can go to Student Services Center tab and click on the Search for Classes button.


For Assistance [Top]

Where can I go for assistance?

Contact Technology Service Center  (formerly Help Desk), or send an e-mail to tsc@bcc.cuny.edu 

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