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Grading System

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Grade % Equivalent Achievement Level Quality Point Weight
A+ 97 - 100 Superior 4.0
A 93 - 96.9 Excellent 4.0
A- 90 - 92.9 ——— 3.7
B+ 87 - 89.9 Above Average 3.3
B 83 - 86.9 Good 3.0
B- 80 - 82.9 ——— 2.7
C+ 77 - 79.9 ——— 2.3
C 73 - 76.9 Average 2.0
C- 70 - 72.9 Below Average 1.7
D+ 67 - 69.9 Below Average 1.3
D 63 - 66.9 Below Average 1.0
D- 60 - 62.9 Below Average 0.7
F 0 - 59.9 Failure 0.0
R* ——— Repeat 0.0

*Significant Progress made, but not ready for the next level. The grade of "R" may not be assigned more than once in a single course. Applicable only to certain non-credit remedial courses.

Special Grades:

J or W Officially withdrew from course. No Penalty.
H or WU Withdrew unofficially and/or Excessive Absence (counts as a failure).
NC Grade received prior to Fall 1996
G or WF Withdrew Failing or student was dropped for poor scholarship.
WA The grade applied to students who are excluded from classes for reasons of non-compliance with immunization regulations.
U or AUD Audit. No credit
NC Received at the end of Fall 1976 semester or after.
Official withdrawal from all courses. Leave of absence granted. No penalty

Withdraw unofficially and never attended


Temporary Grades:

L or INC Incomplete. The student has failed to complete some work in the course but upon such completion is expected to pass the course. If unresolved by the tenth week of classes following the semester for which the "INC/L" was received it will convert to an "FIN" which is equivalent to an "F".
Z Administrative grade assigned temporarily when an instructor has been delayed in submitting the final grade.
E Doubtful. Becomes either "D" or "F" after examination or special audit.
PEN Temporary grade awarded when the disposition of the final grade requires further evaluation and when the absent or incomplete grades are inappropriate. “PEN” is also used to facilitate the implementation of the Procedures for Imposition of Sanctions whereby colleges must hold a student’s grade in abeyance pending the outcome of the academic review process. The “PEN” grade will not lapse to FPN; final determination of a grade will depend on final evaluation by the instructor or the outcome of the college’s academic review process.

P Grade

This is a passing grade but it carries no quality points. Even though the credits are counted toward graduation, they are not concluded in the computation of the scholastic index.

Explanation of Symbols:

@ No credit for Degree. (Remedial courses)
# F, WU, FIN or FAB Grade Policy. If a student retakes a course and receives a "C" or better, the "F" is removed from the calculation of the GPA.
* Courses removed due to statute of limitation
* Removed because course already taken and passed

Please Note: Grades of E, G, H, J, K, L and U are no longer awarded. The last term of issuance was Spring 1974.

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