Degree maps are recommended semester-by-semester sequences of courses developed by academic departments to assist students with timely degree completion. As a visual representation, they show how full-time, CUNY skills proficient students can complete their associate degree in two years when completing 30 credits per year. Completing an associate degree in two years saves time, money, and financial aid.

Students should review these maps in consultation with their faculty advisor, success coach and/or academic advisor in order to choose the best course selection and course load consistent with their educational goals, academic skill level, and life circumstances.

An essential companion to the Degree Maps is the Pathways course list for both Required and Flexible core. Also recommended for use are Pattern/Planning Sheets, which list degree requirements by the year a student began at BCC. (Please note that Degree Maps reflect the most recent degree requirements.)

Associate in Arts Degree

Associate in Science Degree

Associate in Applied Science Degree

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