CD Peer Leaders

CD Peer Leaders are senior College Discovery students who are trained to assist other students in their first year of college.

CD Peer Leaders can help with questions related, but not limited to:

  • Financial Aid
  • CUNYFirst and Registering for classes
  • CD Program Benefits
  • Preparation for midterms and finals
  • Joining extra-curricular clubs on campus

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Meet our Peer Leaders:

Alania Gomez – Business Administration: Marketing Management


FLO Workshops are a CD service to develop student skills outside of the classroom. The workshops are designed as a progressive sequence so that each semester, the student will complete a new workshop based on their experience and needs. Below is a list of categories and sample workshops by semester.

1st Semester Identity Growth & Development Learning styles, personal values, self-advocacy
2nd Semester Interpersonal Skills & Communication Emotional intelligence, interdependence, professional communication
3rd Semester Civic Engagement & Community Involvement Leadership style, community project, social justice initiatives
4th Semester Career & Transfer Resume building, interview skills, transfer schools

XAE Club

The XAE Club is designed for honors students  who aim to achieve honors. Members gain skills in leadership and civic engagement while building a strong resume and lifelong friendships.

The faculty Advisor is Mr. Nathan Aiken, Email:

Club meetings take place every other Thursday at 12:00 pm.

Sign up here to attend a XAE meeting or to become a member.

CD Club

The CD Club is designed to provide extra curricular activities to all CD students. The Club is part of the Inter-Organizational Council (IOC).

The faculty Advisor is Ms. Alixon Delgado, Email:

Club meetings take place every other Thursday at 12:00 pm.

Sign up here to attend a CD Club meeting or to become a member.

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