How our program works

We can help you if you

  • are a new, incoming freshman or recurring student
  • are receiving governmental assistance
  • need to complete paperwork for government assistance

As you get to know the CUNY Edge program and our services, please note that the front office has policies and procedures that need to be followed. On your first visit to the office expect the following:

  • Sign in the front desk and wait to be called.
  • You will hand in your completed forms and the documents needed for your paperwork. (All students must have a copy on hand to turn in.)
  • You will be informed that you will have to meet with an advisor from CUNY Edge.

In order to get completed documents from our office, there are some requirements that must be met, including: necessary documents, completed intake forms and a scheduled meeting with a CUNY Edge Advisor.

All necessary completed documents for CUNY Edge can be found on CUNYFirst:

  • Class Schedule – (Make sure the printed version reflects all classes you are enrolled in. Class hours that do not show up will not be recorded.)
  • Financial Aid summary

How to obtain your class schedule and financial aid summary from CUNYFirst:

  • On your student center, click My Class Schedule, then print out your complete schedule.
  • Next, you will click on View Financial Aid. Please be sure to click on the current school year.

Contact Us

Loew Hall room 106A

Phone :718-289-5849
Fax: 718-289-6404

Silvia Corpes
Administrative Assistant/Liaison

Wendell Haynes
Academic Advisor

Michelle Merrick
Academic Advisor

Denise Comara
718-289-5100 x 5047

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